• 15th August 2020

PyTest - A Journey Of 3 Years

Salt is ending a journey that started 3 years ago with the first pull request to add support for PyTest. In the upcoming weeks, Salt will finally switch to PyTest as its sole test runner, and the previous, and heavily customized unittest runner,, finally reaches EOL. Why? …

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  • 27th December 2012

PyLint + Virtualenv

I don't have the time to write the full blog post, so, here's the recipe! …

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  • 23rd January 2012

Using gettext in compiled Qt ui files with PySide

This recipe is based on the PyQt recipe found here. This is just the PySide port of it. In some cases you might find yourself in the situation of wanting to use gettext in a PySide project in which you have .ui files generated using QtDesigner. For those kind of situations is a good idea to extend the PySide compiler. …

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  • 29th January 2009

IPython and virtualenv

Recently I started developing my python applications using virtualenv so that I don't clutter up the system's python installation with non-system python packages. Everything was good until I wanted to use IPython instead of python's shell... …

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