• 3rd July 2011

Postgres Cron Backups

So, I found myself with the need to make automatic backups of my postgres databases... After some Google'ing and reading of some peoples recipes, here's mine. …

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  • 18th February 2011

Maverick Bluedevil and Null pin Mouse's

So, I was trying out Kubuntu Maevrick and found out that my bluetooth mouse did not work anymore as it previously did with Jaunty... …

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  • 16th February 2011
  • 25th April 2009
  • 19th December 2007

Rotating Trac Logs

So, you're like me and like to have trac constantly logging to file and you hate those files getting huge? …

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  • 30th November 2007

ZTE MF622 USB Modem Under Linux

I recently bought a 3G wireless card to use with my laptop, a ZTE, model MF622. Since the first time I tried Linux, also the first time I encountered this kind of problems with my USB ADSL modem, and this being an USB modem also, I knew I was going to have troubles. …

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  • 5th November 2007
  • 18th October 2007
  • 19th August 2007
  • 24th July 2007
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  • 10th May 2007