Wordpress Is Gone For Good

  • 25th Feb 2008
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I try to get my applications written in python, this way I'm able to tweak it as needed.

When I thought about putting a blog online, of course, I searched for a python blogging application, but, by that time, I was unable to find one. So, like most users, I ended up installing WordPress which suited my needs until a week ago, when Google emailed me.

At first I thought, dam, another spam email not catched by my mail system. But no:

Dear site owner or webmaster of ufsoft.org, We recently discovered that some of your pages can cause users to be infected with malicious software. We have begun showing a warning page to users who visit these pages by clicking a search result on Google.com. Below are some example URLs on your site which can cause users to be infected (space inserted to prevent accidental clicking in case your mail client auto-links URLs):

... etc, etc, etc ...

Sincerely, Google Search Quality Team

This was legit email…

I then went to my blog, watched the pages that I was getting that warning and saw nothing until I checked the HTML source.

Somehow, someone had changed my blog post by including some <noscript>badware here</noscript> tags.

This was of course yet another security bug found for WordPress. There was already a new WordPress release which handled this bug.

I upgraded my WordPress install and removed all badware from my posts.

With this problem initially solved, I contacted Google and also StopBadware.org like they told me to, in order to remove the warning for my blog's domain.

My quest now was, getting rid of WordPress and switching to a python blogging application.

I knew pocoo was writing one, TextPress, but when I initially checked it, it was in it's early days.

It was time to check it out again and, Hurray!

Even though it was still not yet production ready, I needed to take it for a spin.

At first I started by running it locally and trying to import(by hand, ie, re-typing it all over again) my blog posts to this new blog engine, it was going to be a hard work...., but mitsuhiko soon told me on #pocoo that he was just finishing a WordPress importer, this would mean way less work.

While I waited for him to finish his work, I started coding some plugins for this new blogging engine. Dam, it was extremely easy. So far I've coded:

Currently, TextPress already has some nice plugins (not all done by me :)), besides those included in the source and it can import from other blogging engines, like WordPress and Blogger.

WordPress Is Gone For Good from my system. Make sure you check it out!