TextPress Google Adsense For Search Widget

This TextPress widget enables search on your blog using Google Adsense For Search

First, you should go to your Google Adsense account and create the code for Adsense for Search. You must choose to display the results on your own site.

Here are some warnings displayed by the plugin configuration:


You must set all of the plugin settings! Failing to do so, will throw an error, with the exception for Safe Contents and Channel. Most of the values you need to put here will be copy/paste'ed from the code that Google AdSense For Search gives you, pay attention to that.

Failing to do so, might compromise your commitment with Google AdSense and the policy that google obliges you to follow.


In order to get the right code to copy/paste in this plugin, make sure you specify that you want to "Open results within my own site". This IS Important!!! Not doing this will probably make the results IFRAME not show up.


I here by state that I won’t be held responsible for breaking your Google AdSense policy because you’re using a plugin I coded. Yet, all attempts were made to make sure the resulting code is exactly like the one Google gives us. Use At Your Own Risk!

You have been warned :)

Make good use of the plugin if you wish to use it.

You can submit bugs and/or new features to DevNull