Long Live Open-Source

  • 25th Apr 2009
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As you can read on a previous post of mine, I was, and still am quite pissed at ATI.

However, being forced to choose from upgrading my favourite linux distribution, Kubuntu, to latest stable version 9.04 and loosing the ATI proprietary drivers, or, staying at the old version of kubuntu, but keep the proprietary drivers, Kubuntu won. I was ready to stop using compiz once more :

So, after google’ing a bit, I found a post that encouraged me to follow that path. The first step was to un-install the ATI drivers:

sudo apt-get remove --purge xorg-driver-fglrx fglrx-kernel-source

After that, the post suggested a reboot, and so I did. I was no longer able to get Xorg up and running!

There was a step missing, edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf and change the driver from fglrx to ati.

Now you restart kdm and you’re now running the ATI Open-Source drivers.

As suggested by other people, I also thought I’d loose 3D rendering but NO!

What’s even greater is that the compiz effects are even faster than with the proprietary drivers. Sure, there are still glitches with the open-source drivers, but nothing one can’t live with, at least for now.

So, here comes what I said in the title of this post:

Long Live Open Source!!!